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Supporting Economic Recovery in Virginia

Supporting Economic Recovery in Virginia

Virginia Tech’s Center for Economic & Community Engagement, a U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) University Center, is now offering free and reduced cost assistance to some Virginia localities for economic recovery planning and strategy, including specialized technical assistance and research.

Free Assistance

Assessment Consultations

Our faculty are available for exploratory conversations to gauge regional or organizational recovery readiness, including economic and strategic challenges, needs, and opportunities.

Recovery Readiness Snapshot Reports

Our research team will work with interested regions and organizations to create brief synopsis documents, overviewing the regional context for economic recovery and the organizational implications and readiness considerations. 

One-time Convenings or Facilitations

Our skilled conveners can help plan and conduct community or stakeholder group conversations around specific economic opportunities or recovery-related issues. 

Regional or Organizational Economic Recovery Plans Review

Our office can provide independent review, perspective, and input on existing or ongoing recovery planning processes and documents, including specific feedback on best practices and recommendations. 

Reduced Cost Access

For selected and eligible regions or organizations, our faculty will work with local stakeholders and partners in conducting a more extensive planning and engagement process, along with an accompanying analysis of economic data. The planning process will result in an in-depth assessment of critical needs and barriers, along with the identification of proposed strategies and approaches for implementation and action.   

These may include studies and analyses related to economic growth, recovery, and diversification opportunities. Examples include feasibility assessments, opportunity scans, impact studies, industry analyses, or workforce and talent research and plans.   

For projects or need related to regional economic recovery, we may be able to identify and connect other university researchers or external experts in specific industry sectors or research specialties.

Supporting Economic Recovery In Virginia Newsletters

Scott Tate
Phone: (540) 315-2062

Qualifying entities include regional and local development organizations and localities in southwestern Virginia, southern Virginia, and eastern Virginia.  These might include EDOs, WDBs, PDCs, entrepreneur support entities, development-focused non-profits, and economic development units within localities.

There are no easy answers or one-size-fits-all responses to the challenges confronting our economy, our organizations, and our communities. Virginia Tech does not have the solutions but is a resource and a partner for communities charting a path toward post-COVID economic recovery.