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The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia, the Virginia Chamber Foundation, and the Virginia Business Higher Education Council have partnered to support and expand the Virginia Talent + Opportunity Partnership (V-TOP). V-TOP’s mission of “creating pathways to professions” is represented in all nine regions of Virginia through collaboratives like the Region 2 Internship Collaborative.

A recent survey of Virginia graduates revealed that fewer than half of the almost 15,350 respondents had completed one or more internships during their undergraduate experience. More than half of respondents also noted that their internship helped them to receive a job offer post-graduation.

It is V-TOP’s role to facilitate the internship readiness of our students, institutions, and employers.

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V-TOP Resources

  • Prior to Virginia Intern Day, V-TOP celebrates local employers who provide high quality and unique internship programs through awards and recognition events across the state. We encourage all employers with internship programs to nominate themselves as soon as nomination opens.
  • See more here.
  • Virginia Intern Day (VID) builds off National Intern Day as an excellent way to energize stakeholders around the powerful impact that internships and work-based learning have on students. VID marks a great occasion to recognize student interns, employers, and institutions instrumental in delivering internship and work-based learning opportunities.
  • See more about VID here.
  • In this course, you will learn how to host a successful internship program at your organization. This course’s content ranges from developing internship postings to helping interns develop their skills during their time with your organization.
  • Find the course here.
  • V-TOP recommends that students participate in these courses with the support of faculty or staff at your school, college, or university, or with oversight by your internship supervisor or other mentor. While all the online student courses can be completed by a student working alone, small group activities and time for reflection and discussion with others will enrich the experience.
  • Find the courses here.
  • V-TOP is committed to expanding the number of paid and credit-bearing internships and other work-based learning opportunities throughout the state in collaboration with Virginia employers. One way to help expand internship opportunities is by supporting small to midsize employers with their recruitment and hiring needs. Therefore, V-TOP has acquired the assistance of a staffing agency, iQuasar, to help connect employers with students across the commonwealth. V-TOP considers small to midsize employers to include 250 or fewer employees. Additional services may apply for employers who have 150 or fewer employees.
  • See more about the staffing agency here.
  • Small businesses in the state may qualify for the matching funds program. This program provides a 50% match of an intern’s wage, including FICA, and a 50% match of additional workplace subsidies, such as housing, transportation, clothing, etc., up to the limits listed in the chart on the main site. 
  • See full details at the bottom of this webpage.