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Julia Kell

Communications Specialist

Julia Kell joined the center as the Communications Assistant in October 2019. A graduate from Radford University with a degree in English and Professional Writing, Julia is passionate about story-telling, art, Appalachian Studies, and Shakespeare.

As a sophomore Julia took an Appalachian Studies class, which ignited an interest in the region around her and introduced her to faculty members that would later become important mentors. During her junior year, Julia and a classmate participated in an oral history collection project in Dante, VA - once a bustling coal town – where they each interviewed six seniors in the community.

After transcribing their interviews, they traveled to the Appalachian Teaching Project conference in Washington D.C. and the Appalachian Studies Association conference in Cincinnati, Ohio to help present Dante's stories and suggest revitalization plans for the town. From the project, Julia learned the importance of providing individuals a space in which to share their memories and perspectives. She learned how fascinating and vibrant the community around her is and how stories are often hiding just within reach.

In her free time, Julia enjoys exploring the outdoors, listening to music, and playing with her Australian Shepherd Toby and her cockatiels Dewey and Louisa.