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GO Virginia Request for Proposals

GO Virginia Region 2 accepts full applications quarterly. For FY 2022, there are $2.2 million in implementation grant funds available for Region 2 focused projects, and additional statewide competitive funds are available for multi-regional proposals. There is very limited Region 2 money available for Enhanced Capacity Building (planning) projects. Relaxed match requirements of 2:1 with a waived local match remain in effect during quarter one; however, local participation is still required. 

Proposed projects should benefit an industry or region as a whole, rather than a single business entity. Projects should emphasize traded sectors and demonstrate an ongoing, region-wide demand for the project or program. Projects also are required to demonstrate meaningful local participation and leadership.

Potentially interested applicants are required to submit a 1-2 page letter of interest that could speak to some or all of these points, though applicants are encouraged to submit even if these elements are not yet fully known:

  • Includes the name and contact information of the expected primary applicant
  • Identifies possible Region 2 jurisdictions to be impacted/involved
  • Includes list of likely partners and collaborators
  • Provides a brief narrative description of the project (250 words max)
  • Identifies likely total costs including anticipated GO Virginia request and matching fund sources
  • Includes a clear description of expected outcome or result - clearly describing how the project would spur growth of higher-wage jobs in one or more of Region 2’s priority clusters AND respond to one or more of the identified strategies in the Region 2 Economic Growth and Diversification Plan

The letter of interest process supports possible applicants by eliciting feedback and guidance on the appropriateness of potential projects for GO Virginia funding. Letters of interest should be submitted electronically to: Scott Tate, Ph.D.

If so, review the Region 2 plan here: Region 2 Growth and Diversification Plan

Email Scott Tate or John Provo at Virginia Tech for feedback and assistance on project development.

For these projects, will your total ask be $100,000 or less?   If so, there is an ECB application for smaller projects here: 
Enhanced Capacity Building (ECB) Application
GOVA Sources/Uses Template

For these projects, will your total ask be over $100,000?  If so, the standard “per capita” application is here:
Region 2 CAMS Application Package
GOVA Sources/Uses Template
GOVA ROI Template

If so, to begin in Region 2, email Scott Tate or John Provo at Virginia Tech for feedback and assistance on project development.

For these projects, there is a statewide competitive application here: 
Statewide Competitive Application
GOVA Sources/Uses Template
GOVA ROI Template