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Promoting Careers in Aquaculture

Promoting Careers in Aquaculture

Focused on the Middle Peninsula and Northern Neck regions, Promoting Careers in Aquaculture increases high school juniors and seniors' understanding of what jobs are available in the aquaculture industry, expands educational opportunities that meet employers’ needs, and supports internship opportunities that help young people gain experience and awareness.

Students learn about shellfish aquaculture.

Students will complete a series of online aquaculture learning modules, a one-week educational and experiential summer experience, and a four week summer internship with a local aquaculture business. These educational opportunities will inform and prepare students for different jobs in the shellfish aquacultureindustry. Upon successful competition of the program students will receive a cash stipend and digital badge/credential.

Teachers will participate in a one week 'Teach the Teacher' training and complete a lesson plan. They will get the opportunity to interact with students in hands-on labs and field trips to local farms. After completion of the program, teachers will receive a cash stipend teachers and a credential with continuing education units.

The project team will foster local industry partnerships with the goal of developing successful internship opportunities for the students.

Training will be provided to industry partners to make the internships a win-win experience.

This multi-region GO Virginia project includes coastal localities in both GO Virginia regions 6 and 5. Localities are directly engaged through their local K-12 school system – more specifically participating high schools.