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The Vibrant Virginia Book is now available to order

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"Vibrant Virginia: Engaging the Commonwealth to Expand Economic Vitality," is now available for digital download and purchase.

Vibrant Virginia: Engaging the Commonwealth to Expand Economic Vitality covers an array of topics, including economic and workforce development; placemaking and public engagement; public health and social services; and infrastructure. It takes a deeper look into how individuals in Virginia’s communities and regions are working together to create a strong, vibrant, and inclusive economy in the Commonwealth. 

The eBook (PDF and ePub) can be downloaded for free from the Virginia Tech Publishing website. A paperback can be purchased from Amazon.

Table of Contents

Introduction by Margaret Cowell and Sarah Lyon-Hill

Part I: Unpacking the Urban-Rural Divide
Chapter 1: Defining Virginia’s Urban-Rural Continuum by Sarah Lyon-Hill and John Provo
Chapter 2: Exploring Virginia Politics and the Decline of Rural Influence by Stephen J. Farnsworth, Stephen Hanna, and Kate Seltzer
Chapter 3: State Policy to Bridge Economic Development Divides by Stephen Moret

Part II: Vibrant and Connected Economies
Chapter 4: Bridging the Urban-Rural Economic Divide through Regional Connectivity by Christiana K. McFarland and Erica Grabowski
Chapter 5: Connecting Entrepreneur Ecosystems across Urban and Rural Regions by Scott Tate and Erik R. Pages
Chapter 6: Achieving STEM Educational Opportunities for All Virginians by Phyllis L. Newbill, Susan G. Magliaro, Kerry O. Cresawn, Lindsay B. Wheeler, Elizabeth W. Edmondson, Albert Byers, and Padmanabhan Seshaiyer
Chapter 7: Achieving Competitive Advantage through Expanded Virginia Broadband by Erv Blythe and James Bohland

Part III: Vibrancy of Place and Creative Placemaking
Chapter 8: Arts, Culture, and Community Building in Rural Virginia by Max O. Stephenson Jr., Lara Nagle, and Neda Moayerian
Chapter 9: Enhancing Place through Public Art in the Metropolitan Exurbs by Conaway Haskins
Chapter 10: Creating Vibrant Main Streets throughout Virginia by John Accordino and Kyle Meyer
Chapter 11: Preserving Virginia’s Scenic Beauty by Leighton Powell, Lynn M. Crump, Richard G. Gibbons, Lisa Dickinson Mountcastle, Patrick A. Miller, and Jisoo Sim

Part IV: Vibrant, Healthy and Connected Communities
Chapter 12: Supporting Refugee, Migrant, and Community Partnerships by Rebecca J. Hester, Katrina M. Powell, and Katherine Randall
Chapter 13: Responding to the Addiction Crisis through University-Community Collaboration by Mary Beth Dunkenberger, Sophie Wenzel, and Laura Nelson
Chapter 14: Prioritizing Public Health on Local Policy Agendas by Stephanie L. Smith, Abdulilah Alshenaifi, Elizabeth Arledge, Thomas Layou, James McConkie, Nhung Nguyen, Benjamin Packard, Aditya Sai Phutane, Md Ashiqur Rab, Amady Sogodogo, and Joanne Tang
Chapter 15: Improving Regional Air Service in a Rural-Metropolitan Area by Nicholas J. Swartz, Justin Bullman, and Jordan Hays

Conclusion by Margaret Cowell and Sarah Lyon-Hill

Vibrant Virginia Book Graphic