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The Future Centers Expansion

Talent Development, Attraction, and Retention
Future Centers Expansion Poster
Began reporting FY21Q3; Metrics updated for FY21Q4

Localities: County of Amherst; City of Lynchburg

The Future Centers Expansion will scale the Future Centers model to Amherst County High School and at least a third high school location in Region 2000 and the CVCC capture area; catalyze local school districts and economic development and business leaders around building a pipeline from high school to in-demand workforce openings; and provide essential career success skills in the high schools that will help students more successfully launch into the workforce. Beacon of Hope has partnered with the City of Lynchburg for the past eight years to operate Future Centers for Lynchburg City Schools. The Future Centers have been successful in encouraging students to pursue post-secondary education, certification, and training and have also made these options more accessible and affordable. 

For more information, please email Laura Hamilton